Canoe Trips and Rates for the Whitewater River

Special Pricing Reminders:

Morgan’s charges per canoe. A canoe will accommodate up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 small children, however there are only 2 seats per canoe. Additional people sit on the bottom of the canoe on a cushion, if available. Be aware that other canoe rentals charge per person and hide other costs that you will find out about only after you arrive.

At Morgan’s we guarantee the most competitive price on the river, and will customize a trip to fit any budget. Please TALK TO A MORGAN family member personally to advise you on your outing and to work out all the details to make a successful trip.

Morgan's will shuttle your private canoe for a $20. Kayaks shuttles are $15. For the sake of fuel efficiency, please note that timing and availability for shuttles are dependent upon our rental boating customer's trips and will only be transported at the same time our regular customers. 

September and October trip schedules can change on a daily basis, based on conditions and reservations ......PLEASE call ahead in the morning to double check our departure schedule!

 Morgan's will be opened WEEKENDS only (Saturday,Sunday) in October. 

TRIPS Approx. Length of Trip Approx. Paddling Time Departs Between the Hours 1-5 Canoes w/ Reservation or Coupon 6-15 Canoes, Adv. Res. & Full Payment

Wolf Creek



1.5-2 hrs.

Summer Hours:

8AM-4pm weekends

9AM-3pm weekdays

after Labor Day:

10AM-2PM weekends

10AM-2PM weekdays

$31.50 per canoe [before tax]

$30.50 canoe

Cedar Grove


(1/2 day)

3-5 hrs.

Summer Hours:

8am-3pm weekends

9am-2pm weekdays

after Labor Day:

10AM-2PM weekends

10AM-2PM weekdays

$34 per canoe [before tax]

$33 canoe

Wolf Creek to Cedar Grove


(full day)

5-7 hrs.

Summer Hours:





after Labor Day:

10AM-11:00AM weekends

10AM-11:00AM weekdays

$37 per canoe [before tax]

$36 canoe


The above prices are the reservation rate, add $6 per canoe for our regular walk-in, non reservation rate. Add $5 additional to reserve an upgrade to an Old Town canoe. All coupons are honored based on the regular rate, certain restrictions may apply. Coupons are not honored on holidays or holiday weekends. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Wolf Creek to Brookville Canoe Center (The RIVER TUBING trip!)

...approximately 5 miles, this short but sweet float trip will take you on the beautiful upper section. Great for those who don’t have a lot of time, or just simply want a sample of the beautiful Whitewater River. (Average time 1.5-2 hours)

Tubing is $15.00($11 with a reservation) for this 5-mile trip and is the only trip offered for tubing.



Brookville Canoe Center to Cedar Grove

...approximately 8 miles, our most popular trip, start from our main base, and drift along the most scenic section of the river. We recommend this trip for all types of groups because it’s not too long and not too short. (Average time 3-5 hours)



Wolf Creek to Cedar Grove

...approximately 13 miles, enjoy the best of the upper and lower sections for this fantastic all day trip. Our lodge facilities make a perfect half way picnic stop. (Average time 5-6 hours)



Two Day Trip

Combine two or more of any of our trips to customize a two day river experience. Base camp at Morgan's and become familiar with our area and facilities. Beautiful swimming beaches are adjacent to our campground, horseback riding and antiquing are also close by and are great ways to lengthen your stay with us and enjoy the area.