Canoe Trips and Rates for Morgan's Little Miami River

Special Pricing Reminders:

Morgan's charges per canoe.  A canoe will accommodate up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 small children.  There are only 2 seats in all canoes.  The youngest age we allow in our canoes is 3 years.  Please call us if you have a child younger than this.  Dogs on leashes are permitted in the canoes.  Be aware that other canoe rentals charge per person and hide other costs that you will find out about after you arrive.

On weekends you have the option to upgrade your canoe from the standard aluminum to a fiberglass Old Town for an additional $5. Old Towns are wider, do not have a keel on the bottom like the aluminum canoes, have contoured seats, do not heat up as much in the sun, and ride smoother over rocks and low spots.

At Morgan’s we guarantee the most competitive price on the river, and will customize a trip to fit any budget. Please talk to a Morgan's reservation specialists personally, to advise you on your outing and to workout all the details to make your trip a successful one.                                                       

Morgan's will shuttle your privately owned canoe for a $15 per boat fee(one way) and $20 for double shuttles. Kayaks are $10 each (one way) and $15 for double shuttles. 

Morgan's will be open on Saturday and Sunday only in the month of October. October trip schedules can change on a daily basis, based on conditions and water levels. PLEASE call ahead in the morning to double check our departure schedule! (513) 932-7658


TRIPS Approx. Length of Trip Approx. Paddling Time Departs Between the Hours*

1-5 Canoes  Reservation Rate

6-15 Canoes, Reservation Rate  

Ft. Ancient/ Riverside Campground

3mi. (short)

45min.- 1.5hr.






$25 canoe

$24 canoe


Ft. Ancient/ Morrow

6mi. (1/2 day)

1.5hr. - 3hr.


9am-1 pm




$33 canoe

$32 canoe


**Ft. Ancient/ Mount Station                

9mi. (1/2 day)

2.5hr. - 4 hr.


*call for availability.*




N/A in October

$36 canoe $35 canoe  

Deer Creek/ Ft. Ancient

12mi. (3/4 day)

3hr. - 5hr    

Call us for departure times

N/A in October

$37 canoe

$36 canoe


Deer Creek/ Riverside Campground

15mi. (full day)

4hr. - 6hr.

Call us for departure times

N/A in October

$40 canoe

$37 canoe


Deer Creek/ Morrow

(full day)

5hr. - 7hr.

Call us for departure times

N/A in October

$40 canoe

$39 canoe


As payment, we accept cash, Visa, and Mastercard.

*These times are our weekend departure times; please note our weekday hours are from 9:00am - 2 pm.  Trip departure times are subject to change based on water levels and weather conditions and availability, particularly early and late in our season.  Please call before your trip to verify our hours of operation.

The above prices are the reservation rate, add $6 per canoe for regular, nonreservation rate. All coupons are honored, certain restrictions may apply. Coupons are not honored on holidays or holiday weekends. All discounts come off the regular rate. There are no discounts for kayaks. Prices are subject to change without notice.











Ft. Ancient to Riverside Campground and Cabins

Approximately 3 miles – This short but sweet float trip will take you through the most beautiful part or the Fort Ancient gorge. Have an ice cream or sandwich and cold drink when you arrive at our Riverside Campground. Great for those who don’t have a lot of time, or just simply want a sample of Ohio’s First National Scenic River. (average time 45 min. - 1.5 hrs.)



Ft. Ancient to Morrow

Approximately 6 miles- This is one of our more popular trips. Our Riverside Campground serves as a perfect picnic stop at your half way point, have an ice cream treat or lunch. Clean restrooms are available here, and be sure to check out our new cabins for a future extended stay with us. Many islands, creeks, and fossil shoals add to the fun... The Morgan’s recommend this trip for all church groups, youth groups, and corporate outings because it’s not too long and not too short. (Average time 1.5-3 hours)



Ft. Ancient to Mount Station 

Approximately 9 miles- Our newest trip takes paddlers through a less traveled section of the river, passing near the town of Morrow and one of the largest Great Blue Heron rookeries in Ohio.



Deer Creek to Ft. Ancient

Approximately 12 miles- This is a great 3 hour to all day trip. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy the Ceaser's Creek Gorge area as the river winds its way back to our Fort Ancient lodge. This is our most popular trip with experienced canoeists. (Average time 3 -5hrs.)


Deer Creek to Riverside Campground

Extend our 12 mile trip and float another 3 miles to end at our Riverside Campground and Cabins. You'll enjoy 15 of the most pristine miles of the Little Miami River. (Average time 5-7 hours)


Deer Creek to Morrow

Approximately 18 miles- This is a trip for the serious paddler. This entire section is probably the most beautiful section of the Little Miami River. Pack your provisions for this all day trip. (Average time 5-7 hours)