Brookville Kayaking


One of the fastest growing sports in the world...

It is a fun,easy, healthy, and relaxing activity that can take you to beautiful areas. What makes kayaking so popular and exciting is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and at many different skill levels.

We have introduced people to kayaking for many years. Our kayaking program emphasizes proper instruction and safety. Our rental kayaks have been chosen for their comfort, stability and versatility, no matter what your skill level!




  • All solo (single) kayaks are $25 (for any length trip)
  • Double (two person) kayaks are $40 (for any length trip)
  • We also offer shuttle services for those with their own kayaks for $15. (For the sake of fuel efficiency, please note that timing and availability for shuttles are dependent upon our rental boating customer's trips and will only be transported at the same time our regular customers).
  • All rentals include paddles, lifejackets and transportation, as well as instructions at your request

No coupons or discounts apply. Reservations are recommended. 

Important: Although kayaking is considered by many to be a solo sport, it is always recommended that you go with a friend or group for safety sake. For more information on kayaking safety, contact us.

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