Getting Here

Morgans Jungle Lodge in Costa Rica is on the Osa Peninsula

Your international flight arrives in Costa Rica's capital city of San José. Say good-bye to civilization as your hopper flight takes you on a breathtaking ride over mountainous jungles and Pacific beaches. The small village of Puerto Jimenez appears like a jewel against the shores of the Golfo Dulce.

To begin your travel arrangements…

  • Make sure you have an up to date Passport.
  • You will want to book both your international and hopper flights well in advance to insure the best rates and availability.
  • United States airlines Delta, American and Continental travel to San José, Costa Rica.  You may want to price flights on OrbitzTravelocity and Expedia.
  • From San José you will book your hopper flight to Puerto Jimenez.  Sansa Airlines flies from San José into Puerto Jimenez.

Things to keep in mind

If your international flight arrives in San José by noon, chances are you can schedule your hopper flight out the same day.  Plan on at least 2 hours to land, go through security and pick up your bags.  If is this is not possible, you can spend your first night in San José and take your hopper flight out the next day.

Bus transportation or private taxis are a great way to see the Costa Rican countryside. Because the highways have recently been built, renting a car is also now a great option.

When you arrive in Puerto Jimenez, we will meet you at the airport to take you to Morgan’s Jungle Lodge.