LMT Race Divisions

There are eight divisions:

  1. Open
  2. Male / Male
  3. Female / Female
  4. Male / Female
  5. Parent / Child
  6. Masters (combined ages 80 and over)
  7. Centurions (combined ages 100 & over)
  8. Individual (kayakers)
  9. Walking (available only for Half-Triathlon participants)

The Kayak Division is designed for those who wish to race individually without a partner. Participants in the Kayak Division can bring their own or use  Morgan kayak, the price is the same.

In the Walking Division, you are still a two person team, but one or both participants can walk and be timed with other walkers.  We hope these new divisions will enable Morgan's Little Miami Triathlon to be a more versatile event for all involved.

In all other divisions, both participants must complete all phases of the Little Miami Triathlon.

Open Division participants MUST furnish their own canoe and other equipment for the canoe portion of the event.  Anything goes as long as the boat is not motor powered.  The Open Division is intended for those individuals extremely skilled in canoeing.

In the Masters Division, the combined ages of the participants must be at least the age of 80 years.  The Centurions Division the age combination is at least 100 years of age.

There are no refunds for this event for any reason.  Your entry fee includes: cost of canoe rental and equipment, parking fee at Ft. Ancient State Park, registration, race memento, and after event celebration of food, beverages and entertainment.  Except for the Open Division and kayakers, only Morgan's canoes and paddles will be used.  You provide the bicycles and helmets.  HELMETS ARE MANDATORY!