Morgan’s Season Pass

Thank you for your interest in a season pass at Morgans. Please read and understand
the rules and regulations regarding its usage before purchasing.
This season pass is valid for the 2019 season only. It may revoked or terminated in
the event of any breach of any of the provisions under this agreement, without

Season passes are good at both locations and can be used for unlimited on-site
rentals, one trip per day on the upper, lower or combo trip at our Brookville location, and the 3, 6 or 9 mile trip at our Ft. Ancient locations. This pass could be used towards a
kayak or your portion of a canoe or a seat on a raft.

Season passes are not transferrable. This pass is valid for the pass holder ONLY. A
season pass is good on each visit to the pass holder. Any attempt to allow others to
use the pass will result in immediate termination of the pass without refund.

Season passes are non-refundable. NO refunds till be given for any reason.
Examples: injury, personal reasons, hardships, moving, etc.

I understand that this pass cannot be resold, transferred, or pro-rated to anyone.

I understand and agree that there will be days, or even weeks, that Morgan’s Canoe
may be closed due to inclement river and/or weather conditions, or closed to other
unforeseen reasons whether be it natural or otherwise. I understand that at times
when Morgans may be closed, that I will not be able to use my pass and that no
refunds, partial or complete, will be provided if any rentals of equipment or
services, which I desire to use, are not opened or available.

I agree that I must abide to all of the rules and policies of all Morgan’s Canoe
customers; including but not limited to those stated in the
Release of Liability Waiver. Any deviation to such rules, etc. will result in the
termination, without refund, of said pass. Possible examples are, but not limited to,
the following:
• Coming in past the cut off time to be off the river
• Allowing a friend or family member to use my pass
• Attempting to use my personal craft while Morgan’s is closed

I understand that I will be required to show proof of cardholder ownership each
time I visit Morgan’s Canoe and that a photo ID is also required.

I understand that this pass does not apply to other services or events offered by
Morgans, such as but not limited to; guided trips, Mud Gauntlet, Triathlon, Dinner
Floats, Trail Run or merchandise and/or foods.

I understand that this pass can be used for a 10% on camping (does not apply to
cabins). The discount will be applied to the cardholders site only. If there is group
camping, it will be applied to the cardholders portion only.

I understand that this pass is for me exclusively and that no one that accompanies
me is included on my pass.

I understand that I do NOT have access to use Morgans property(s) during their off
season or on days that they are closed to regular business.

I understand that this season pass allows me to have unlimited daily river trips (one
trip per day) on the 5 , 8 or 13 mile trip (Brookville) and 3,6, or 9 mile trip (Ft.
Ancient) using canoes, kayaks, rafts, or tubes owned by Morgans, or by using my
own equipment. Pass is valid only during the 2019 season on days that Morgans is
opened for regular business and is valid thru the close of the season (end Oct) 2019.

By continuing with your purchase, “you” agree to the above Terms of the Morgans
Season Pass.

A physical copy will be signed upon first visit